Zombie Plan


Zombie Plan

You listen to the news one night and hear about a new bird flu virus that is sweeping the globe. You wake the next morning to a Zombie Apocalypse. What do you do? Why, put your Zombie Plan into action of course. I mean geesh, even Halo Spartans have Zombie Plans

What is a Zombie Plan? Your Zombie Plan is what you have prepared to do when the zombie apocalypse arrives. The unprepared will be freaking out and running around in circles – easy prey for the slowest zombie. The prepared have their zombie plan and will calmly put their plan into action – surviving the initial zombie plague.

What are the details of your Zombie Plan? Do you stay in place or try to travel to a safer location? If you are traveling you have better move out quickly. Those who travel at the same time as everyone else will definitely get stuck in a tasty human bottleneck. Just read about the evacuations from St Louis or Houston during the Hurricanes of years past.

If you stay in place you need supplies to last until you decide your next steps. Just try going to the grocery store once everyone realizes the Zombie Apocalypse has arrived. I try to buy more food when it is on sale because a) it saves money to buy stuff on sale, and b) I typically have 3 months of food on hand at any given time 🙂

Let’s say you plan on going to a safer location. Where do you go? Will it be better than where you are? Will there be supplies there when you arrive? Will they be expecting you? Before you head off anywhere you should communicate with those at your destination so they know you are coming, who you are coming with, what route you are taking, and your estimated time of arrival.


What primary route do you take? What is your backup route in case the primary doesn’t work out? Do you drive or walk? Driving is much faster, but sometimes crap happens and you may end up hoofing it. Are you prepared to walk? Have you been exercising? Who is going with you? Do you have a pod ready?  More about pods later in my blog.

Do you have the supplies you will need to survive the journey to your destination? That is the purpose of your Zombie Bag. Your zombie bag should contain the items you need to survive as you execute your zombie plan. We will be offering various pre-configured Zombie Bags in the next several months – so stay tuned. While you can not be prepared for everything, you can be prepared for what will most likely happen. Be sure to customize your zombie bag to fit your needs. There should be a core consisting of food, water, shelter, and protection.

I live in a small community off the beaten path. Because of this my Zombie Plan is to stay in place. Estimates are that most plagues will work themselves out in 3 months. So I plan to go into quarantine mode for 3 months after which the plague should be over and the survivors will just have Zombies to deal with. My plan includes working with other survivors to clean up the residual Zombie infestation and turning our location into a safe zone. I am hoping that at least some of the local farmers survive so we can plant and harvest crops. Food becomes important in the long haul and my attempts at gardening taught me I will die without help in this important area.

So what is your Zombie Plan?

Some ideas for your zombie plan are included below:
Detailed safe house layout with protected zones around the house.