Where to start


You accept that the zombie apocalypse is coming and decide you had better start preparing. Where do you start? Where does the money come from? Are you ever finished? Let’s take these important questions one at a time.

Where do you start?
You start by recognizing that you have the responsibility to take charge of your future. This future includes the potential of a zombie apocalypse. Now whether you want to accept that real zombies will walk the earth, or merely recognize that the world as we know it will someday fall apart is not important. What is important is that you accept the potential of a world where no one is around to take care of you but you. We can now analyze what types of things you will need. Some of my information comes from someone who lived through the Serbian civil war. This is someone who does not conjecture about who people may react in a bad situation, but relates how people DID react in a bad situation. So let’s begin making our list:
1) The most important item is self protection. If you cannot defend what is yours, it will rapidly cease to be yours. All the supplies in the world are worthless if you cannot prevent the degenerates from taking them from you. If you decide on a gun you better store enough ammunition for it. They are pretty much useless without ammunition. This is something you can come back to. Start with getting a gun and some ammo, then revisit once other items below are addressed. The only people who need only guns are those planning on becoming zombies themselves – and killing others for their sustenance.
2) Water. Without a clean water source you will die within a week. You can live without food longer than you can without water.
3) Food. Food gives you energy to live and move. Dying of starvation is not a fun experience for anyone. Food is fairly cheap, if you buy the basics, and stores for a long time. Start with a minimum of 3 months and then circle back around. Depend on the universe to tell you how much is enough. As long as you have this uneasy feeling that you don’t have enough, you probably don’t.
4) First aid. First aid supplies will keep you from dying from getting scratched by a rusty nail. The simple things can kill you just as dead as the more complex.
5) Sanitation. If you do not plan for disposing of waste products, including human waste, you will soon find yourself living in the midst of it. This is an invitation for all kinds of germs to come live with you. Germs kill slowly, but you are just as dead in the end.
6) Power. Power is not critical to survive, but having the ability to enjoy a movie on your laptop, turn on a flashlight in the dark, or recharge your ipod to listen to music makes life much easier. This is why it is number 6 :).
7) Pod. You should not plan to do this alone. Find your pod. Live will be so much easier if you have your pod to help and support you through the zombie apocalypse. We are not talking about a short (weeks) period of time. We are talking about months and potentially years. Get a good pod together and you will not regret it.

Now that you have read this you need to make a prioritized list for yourself. What do you need first, second, etc. Create your list and make it very specific. Some items may be research items such as: determine what type of gun to purchase. Other items will be more specific: buy 200 lbs of wheat in buckets. Do more research to create your personal list, then start to execute on it. Cross off items as they are accomplished so you can see your progress.

Where does the money come from?
Getting prepared is not free, nor rarely cheap. Where does the money come from? First of all do not waste the money you have. Track all expenses for 2 months and see where every penny goes. Once you know where it is going you can make decisions about controlling that. Too many people have no clue about how much money gets spent where. Do you eat out? Stop and save that money. Buy a coffee or coke on the way to work? Stop and save that money. Go to the movies and get a popcorn and drink? Stop, or slow it down, and save that money. If you really believe that getting prepared is worth while you will find the money once you track down where it is currently going. For years we have been using Christmas, Fathers day, Mothers day, Birthdays, and any other event for acquiring our preparedness materials. It slowly adds up as long as you control where you spend the money you have.

Am I ever finished?
Being prepared is a way of life, not an event. Once you have accepted your responsibility to prepare for your future it becomes a way of life. You will not view money the same again. You will not view wasting time watching sitcoms on TV again. Your priorities change to preparing mentally by learning more skills, preparing physically by both exercising and preparing needful things, and then to helping your neighbors and family start to take ownership of their future.

More information: a monetized blog from someone who lived through the Serbian civil war.