What if the Government knows the zombie apocalypse is coming, is actively preparing for it, but is failing to warn us? A wise friend told me that when dealing with government entities learn to connect the dots. Learn what they are doing, and piece together the information. Governments will never tell you the truth if it is bad, makes people panic and vote them out. So what are the dots:

DNS needs 1.6 billion rounds of ammo. Really? For “target practice”? News article

DHS has now purchased 2700 armored vehicles. Really? For terrorists, civil unrest, maybe zombies?

CDC has an entire section on preparing for an “imaginary” zombie apocalypse

It seems wise to prepare, or face the consequences.

interesting different perspective: Blog article

Update March 26, 2013:
DHS purchased another < a href="">360,000 rounds of hollow point pistol ammo. I guess the 1.6 billion rounds they already had wasn’t enough.