War with Russia???


The crises in Ukraine is heating up. Gorbachev is worried that this may lead to an accidental world war breaking out at tensions continue to build. Read what he has to say here.

The world is a very interesting place. It is entirely possible that we go to bed one night and wake up to find a totally new world greeting us. One that will be trying to kill us in any number of different ways. Watch any zombie movie and ponder the world they wake up facing. At that moment you will either be prepared or not. When the hour of catastrophe arrives the time for preparation is past. Are you using the time we have left? Have you made your list of preparedness things that are on your mind? Make the list, prioritize it, and start getting the items on that list.

A partial list of things to consider include:
Self protection
Water source
First aid

The time to prepare is now. Use each Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc to knock things off your list. If you open your mind the Universe will confirm to you that time is short.