Have you ever asked yourself why the zombie apocalypse is so interesting to you?  Why the fascination with a Zombie Apocalypse?  It is not like one has ever happened before, so why are you and so many others interested in this?  This is why: the Universe is a big place, and it is alive and very intelligent.  This Universe knows that the zombie apocalypse is coming and it is talking to everyone that will listen, trying to warn us to prepare for what is coming.  After all, if you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse you are prepared for anything!  Most people are so caught up with day to day affairs that they either can not hear, or ignore these warnings.  Too bad for them.  Someone has to be the zombies.

Learning to hear and follow the advice of the Universe is important.  It will tell you what you need to do, when you need to do it, and guide you through what is coming.  We do not know when or how the zombie apocalypse will take place, but the Universe does.  The communication gets more urgent the closer it gets.  This communication is urgent right now.  This does not mean you ignore everything around you and fort up in your house.  You still need an education, job, family, friends, etc.  However, how you spend your extra time and money is very important at this late stage.  Do not waste money.  It is a precious resource that is getting more rare as inflation takes its toll.  There will be a later blog on how to save money and what to do with it.

So how does the Universe talk to you and how do you recognize it?  Good questions.  It speaks to you in your mind and heart – not through your ears.  Explain to someone why you want to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, what do you tell them?  It feels right?  You enjoy doing it?  It makes you feel good to prepare for this event?  These are all ways the Universe talks to us.  When something is constantly on your mind and will not give you rest, this is a sign that the universe is talking to you.  If you act on this and the thought stops driving you and is replaced with contentment and peace – this is the confirmation.  These two go hand in hand.  Here is an example a friend told me.  The thought of a compass was on his mind.  He needed to get a compass.  After fighting this thought for several days (who needs a compass anyway?) he researched and found one he liked, so he ordered it.  When it came in he experienced a feeling of peace and ‘rightness’, and the drive went away.  Learning to recognize and act of the directions of the Universe takes time and practice.  But the fact that you are here reading this is a very good start 🙂


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