Toys: Tanks


What will you do for entertainment for children during the zombie apocalypse? At birthdays and Christmas what type of presents will you give? It’s not like you can just pop on down to the local mall and buy your kid some toys. I mean geesh, there is a zombie apocalypse going on!

At times like this it would be wise to learn how to craft your own toys, and the better the toy the happier the child. Now since I don’t like girl toys I will build boy toys. The main theme of toy building is to adapt, improvise, and overcome. Hey, that happens to be our store motto!!! What a coincidence 😉

First the tank. It started out as a bunch of junk, add some imagination and work, and presto, you get a tank. This is modeled after the Bradley and is an APC, however, the turret comes off and can be replace by a tank turret. Two toys in one 😉

Let’s back up a step or two. First the junk. I bought a sheet of latch hook material from the craft section at WalMart. This is 8 1/2 by 11 inch plastic sheet with tiny square holes in it. I use this for the tank tread. I collected various size straws, plastic tubing, tore apart some old cassette and VHS tapes for small parts, and used some thin card board and poster board. I have a bucket of small junk items to use for crafts like this.

The front of the tank has two tow points made of flower wire from the craft store. I cut off a short piece of wire, bent it into a U, poked two holes where I wanted it to be and super glued it in place. I do this all over the tank to create handles, tie downs, etc.

The tank tread is a cut section of the latch material. The spare tread is a section of this with another thin piece glued down the middle.
The hull gun and main turret gun are made of small straws of different sizes. I put nail in for stability and glued the straws over the nail.