How to prepare and survive a tornado.

Required preparation items include:

  • Water: Water storage and filtering is critical for your health and survival and a more complete description of it is here.
  • Food: Food is important because without it you get hungry and very irritable. In an tornado roads and electricity could be damaged, delaying the transportation of food supplies. You should have at least 2 weeks of food on hand. More details on food are found here.
  • First aid supplies: In any disaster the medical establishment will be overwhelmed with the injured. You might need to treat non-life threatening injuries yourself for the first few days.

Important items include:

  • Power supply: in any disaster the power could go out and be off for several days. How will you recharge your cell phone? What about batteries for your flashlights? More detailed information about power is here.
  • Light: Everyone will want their own light. Expect your loved ones to have flashbacks and panic attacks after for days after the earthquake. Light is very comforting and will help the children find you when they are having a bad night.
  • Stove: You have stored food – how will you cook it? If you need to boil water how will you do so? Having a stove could be really handy because even canned food tastes better warm then cold from the can.

Optional items include: Sleeping bag, tent, and fire starter.



News and Information:

Current Weather Warnings – see if there are any tornado watches in your area.

Prepare for tornadoes – Information from CDC on being prepared for tornadoes.

56 years of tornados Is a map containing the tornados in the US over the last 56 years. Quite interesting.