The Zone


The Zone. Short for War Zone. This is the city, any city. Places where once large number of people lived, now converted to mostly deserted war zones. Zombies hunting people, people hunting people over scares resources. No matter how you look at it the Zone is the most dangerous place in the world. A few people will thrive, some will endure, most will die. By this time those in the Zone will stay. Where else do you go? Is any place else going to be any better? Those with retreats or wilderness skills have already left. Those ill prepared or physically or emotionally weak have already died. Those that are left are hard core.
The mental stress. Scavaging for food and supplies is a daily task. You create maps of where you have looked to avoid going back. Each trip you take your life in your hands. What is in the next room? The walking dead, putrifying, horrible, and yet hungering for your brains? Or will it be another scavenger? Will they attack you for what you have? Will you attack them? Each room, each hall, each step is wrought with danger. Then there is night time. No one can see you in the dark. You move slowly, quietly. Pausing to listen intently. You hear a slight scraping sound, was that a rat? You can eat rats. You slow your breathing, focusing on the slight sounds around you. Identifying these sounds correctly is the difference between life and death. The slow and the impatient have died out months ago. These survivors are quick, patient, and resourceful.
Importance of pods, night watches, scavaging in pairs. You never ever want to be alone. Trade skill sets so the pod survives better.
Avenues of approach and entry. Guard the doors and windows, conversely, try to enter a house through other means if possible. Make the place where you stay look abandoned so others will tend to leave you alone. Be quiet and do not attract attention to yourself or your place of abode. Do regular sweeps of the area to keep tabs on who is around.