The Wild


During the zombie apocalypse three different areas will exist: the Base, the Wild, the Zone.
The Base is the safe area. It is as close to normal small city life as you will find during the height of the zombie apocalypse.

The zone is any existing city structure. Zone is short for war zone. Large cities are to be avoided like the plague. The will literally be war zones. More on this in an upcoming blog.

The wild is what we call the forest, woods, wilderness: basically anything non city. Roaming zombies and wild animals are the biggest threats in the wild. The wild won’t be as bad as the zone, but it will be no cake walk. Food will be in constant shortage. If you come upon a food source rest a while and regain your strength before continuing. Your survival will depend a large degree upon your pod. Get to know people now. Learn some skills about hiking, camping, wilderness survival, and escape and evasion. It would suck if you find a good pod but they refuse to accept you because you can contribute nothing. When your life is on the line you will be more picky about who you accept into your pod. Learn some skills so people will want you.

There are three major threats in the wild: zombies, animals, and accidents.
Zombies are sneaky little turds. You should always be on guard for them. Movement should be as quiet as possible and you should always be on the lookout for ambushes. Zombies may be undead, but they are not as stupid as some people think. They will set up ambushes either during the day along your path, or at night when they think everyone is asleep. It will also be difficult to tell a zombie from a human. After a few weeks with scanty food humans start to look and act like zombies. There should be a watch set up every night. You are always in danger. Be careful!

Animals will be a major threat. I know, today animals are scared of us and typically run away. But picture in your mind a time when wolves have large litters, and they all survive. Why? Because there will be lots of food. What will that food be? Humans! The death toll will be huge during this time. Wolves and other meat eaters will have litters that will grow up eating humans. The smell of human will no longer be something to fear, but something that makes their mouth water. There will be lots of big wolves. I have dreams about large wolf packs. They scare me. Learning first aid for animal bites might be wise.

Accidents during this time will kill you. A simple cut that gets infected can kill you just as fast as any zombie chewing on your brains. Be careful, move slowly, don’t take chances. I went canyoneering with a bunch of teenagers once, they came to a 13 foot cliff and instead of waiting for ropes they jumped off. No one got hurt, but that is the kind of thing that you should really avoid. How will you outrun a zombie if you break a leg or twist an ankle? Be smart. Also prepare now by getting a decent medical kit and learning how to use it. Hopefully your pod will have a healer, but not every pod will be so lucky.

Why write these blogs? Am I trying to scare people? No I am not. I feel compelled to warn people. This is what is coming and now you have a choice: prepare or not. Live or die. The choice is yours. Hopefully you are wise and prepare for this time. If you live in a big city or a place that you feel will be dangerous you will need to escape. How will you do so? Do you have your zombie plan ready? Get decent equipment and learn how to use it! A gun or some means of self protection would be really handy against zombies or animals. Guns scare you? Then get a knife. There will be groups of people with no guns, or where the ammunition ran out. These groups will have a very hard time with the wolves. Build a fire, keep the little and weak ones near the fire. Everyone else should have a spear and stand in a circle shoulder to shoulder to defend each other. Don’t freak out and break the circle! If you do the wolves will win. I feel for these people. The S&R teams will be out looking for you, but you have to get close enough for them to find and help you. Adapt, improvise and overcome! Do not give up hope! This will be survivable, and you increase your odds if you prepare appropriately.
Good luck!