Zombie Health Kit

You have heard the rumors: get bit by a zombie = become a zombie. But not if you own the Zombie Health Kit! This kit is guaranteed to heal zombie bites and prevent the spread of the zombie virus!

NOTE: you must use the kit contents within the first hour of a zombie bite for the guarantee to be valid. Better have a kit on you 🙂

Kit contains:
Waterproof container
4 cotton swabs
2 alcohol wipes (to cleanse the zombie bite, not to suck on)
1 Gauze pad 2″x2″
1 Dressing bandage 2.76″x4″
3 Bandages 3/4″x3″
2 Bandages 3/4″x1 9/16″
3 Bandages 3/8″x1 9/16″
2 Bandages spot 1″
1 Pair large rubber gloves (in case you are helping someone else, zombie bites are icky)
1 Surgical mask (no Zombie germs getting in your mouth or nose)
1 tube triple antibiotic ointment .33 oz

Price: $11.99