Lindon Farms 360 srv Bucket

Lindon Farms™ 360 – 30 days, 1 person.

Lindon Farms™ is the new way to do food storage. With the finest quality ingredients blended in the most delicious recipes on the market, we’ve done all the work for you – you just add water and serve! This 360 serving emergency food storage container has 19 different just-add-water gourmet meals that are perfect for long term storage, regular meals or to throw in your backpack. And with a full 2000 calories/day for 30 days, this can be your stand alone food storage solution. Our goal is to make food storage easy, so every home can be prepared for a disaster, economic difficulty or even a spontaneous weekend camping trip! With Lindon Farms, you’re just one step away from checking emergency food storage off your list.

Each meal is conveniently packaged in a 5-10 serving, zipseal, metalized pouch with an oxygen absorber to ensure an oxygen free environment. This allows you to enjoy a SHELF-LIFE of up to 20 years when stored properly in a cool, dry place. These buckets are designed to provide 2,000 calories a day when you select 6 or more servings of your favorite meals each day. Lindon Farms™ recipes have been award-winning family favorites in the retail market for over 20 years. From delicious, creamy soups like Hearty Potato and Cheddar Broccoli to organic freeze-dried fruit, everyone can find a favorite meal.

Meals Included:

Natural Granola;Apple Blueberry Granola; Oatmeal; Eggs; Pudding Dessert; Freeze Dried Fruit Mix; Polenta(Corn Grits); Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew; Cheddar Broccoli Soup; Seasoned Mashed Potatoes; Chicken Flavored Vegetable Stew; Cheesy Pasta; Western Chili; Hearty Potato Soup; Mixed Vegetables; Red Beans & Rice; Regular Whey Milk; Chocolate Whey Milk; Citrus Drink

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Price: $432.00