Guide 10 Adventure Kit

Everyone needs one of these!  How are you going to recharge your cell phone, GPS, or IPod if you don’t? The power pack also recharges AA or AAA batteries and is a flashlight.  I am not sure if Zombies can see in the dark, but I know I can’t.  Batteries = Light = Good.

Ultra-Lightweight USB solar charging system that fits in your pocket. Use as a single unit power pack to power your device.

Recharge you cell phone 1-3 times per charge with the Guide 10 Power Pack. Charge up the Guide 10 Power Pack with the Nomad 7 Solar Panel in 1.5 hours or via USB in 6 hours.

  • Ultra lightweight USB solar charging system that fits in your pocket.
  • Functions as a Power Pack and a Battery Charger
  • Interchangeable batteries (AA and AAA compatible)
  • USB and 12V output
  • Built in LED Flashlight that runs 20+ hours per charge
  • AA rechargeable batteries included

For more information about the Guide 10 visit Goal0’s web site:

To learn more about solar power visit this link: Goal0 Learn

Price: $119.99

2.7 lb