Extreme 350 Adventure Kit

Leave the fuel and noise of the generator behind and pick up this 26 lbs silent, solar power pack with universal inverter included. Remember – zombies are dumb, not deaf.  Once the grid goes down you are still going to want to watch DVDs or play Angry Birds.  This baby will enable you to capture the suns power and recharge your laptop.  Let others sit around a poke each other for fun – you get your Angry Birds!

Designed for zombie base camps, cabins, or long-stay environments. Charge via wall, Boulder 30 solar panel or car adapter. Use as a primary source of power for lighting, cooling, and running multiple devices. Stack up three additional Extreme 350 power packs and get a total of 1,400 watt-hours of power.

  • Store 350 watts of power with the Extreme 350 Power Pack
  • Charge many devices: USB, 12V and AC outputs with included inverter
  • Boulder 30 made from strong tempered glass with aluminum frame
  • Power a laptop for an additional 10 hours
  • Can recharge iPad up to 15 times

1 x Extreme 350 Power Pack
1 x Boulder 30 Solar Panel
1 x Extreme Universal Inverter (UI)
1 x AC wall charger

For more details on the Extreme 350 Power Kit visit: Goal0.com

To learn more about solar power visit this link: Goal0 Learn

Price: $669.99

38.3 lb