Preparing Adult Children for Emergencies


My children are starting to live home: college, work, marriage, etc. They do not have the money or space for emergency foods, yet I worry about them. Freeze dried foods take very little space and are very convenient for the types of emergencies they will have to deal with. If the full blown zombie apocalypse breaks out they will try to get home, but for other things such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, etc. they will stay in place and live through it. With this context I am creating a preparedness Christmas present for my moved out kids. No it is not a secret, I have already warned them this was coming. Some are excited, others not so much. The food I picked has a purpose behind it. I have talked to several parents who purchased 72 hr food supplies for their kids, focusing on can goods and other foods they eat on a daily basis. Results are always the same: within a month the kids ate all the food. It kinda defeats the purpose of have emergency food if you eat it all before the emergency. Based on this input I am purchasing a bucket of freeze dried food. I chose the 90 serving bucket from Lindon Farms. I chose this bucket because if its price, quality and menu selection. I opened one of these buckets and found it was only half full. I therefore supplemented it with 6 sample packs from Wise (1 of each of the 4 entrees and 2 cereals), and 1 fruit of their choice from the fruit buckets. This solved the food problem. My hope is the the sealed bucket and low expectations of the flavor will slow them down. Keep in mind the food is not bad at all, but that is not what I tell them. I know that if they knew how good it was they would eat it as soon as they were hungry. Therefore I tell them it tastes funny, but will keep them alive. Since they do not read my blog I am not worried about them learning my plan 🙂

My next concern was water. You need water to cook the food, drinking, and washing up. To help with this I got each of them a 5 gallon water container and water filter.

My last concern was starting a fire (assuming the power/gas could be out). The best I could do here was to include matches and a couple fire starters in their food buckets.

Everyone at some point has to own their personal preparedness. There is so much that could be done: shelter, protection, entertainment, sanitation, etc. Doing this type of thing for Christmas instead of the ‘normal’ presents is my way of teaching them what is important, and helping them acquire needed items.