Dolphins are intelligent creatures that live in a group called a ‘pod’.  Dolphins help look after, protect, and feed the members of their pod.  This is an important social behavior during the zombie apocalypse.  Everyone needs to be a member of a pod.  What is a pod?  A pod is a group of like minded people that trust each other and have similar standards and core beliefs.  These people have to be able to trust each other with their lives.  They will protect, support, watch over, and suffer over each other.  If you have ever watched ‘The Walking Dead’ you have see a pod in action – tho a rather poor and unprepared pod.

Learn from this.  When preparing your pod remember that it will be only as strong as the weakest link. If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse you need to have a thought out, prepared pod.  This pod can change from time to time as situations arise.  For example, if you are a college student you would want a pod that contains people who desire to travel in the same direction.  This is based on your Zombie Plan.  If your zombie plan has you going west to get home, do not get a pod with people needing to go east.  You can talk and plan with these people, but you will not be traveling together and therefore can not be in the same traveling pod.  However, there is nothing wrong with having a ‘preparing’ pod that work together to share ideas and get prepared, and a ‘traveling’ pod that you execute your zombie plan with.

Your pod and who you invite/accept into it will determine to a large degree whether you survive the zombie apocalypse or become a human happy meal.  Therefore the attributes you look for in pod members should reflect this responsibility.  What types of attributes should you look for in pod members?  Look for honesty, good work ethic, moral character, useful skills, desire to prepare, physical shape, and personalities that get along well.  The ability to play sports, make money, or be terribly good looking mean absolutely nothing once a zombie is chasing your brain down the road.  Your pod should include different types of people.  I have spoke with many different people about the zombie apocalypse and have found that interests and personalities divide people into 5 classes.  You need some of each of these in your pod.  I will write blogs on each of these types, but they are:

Protector – people who are driven to defend/protect the weak.

Hunter – people with a strong desire and enjoyment of hunting/fishing.

Healer – people who are driven to learn about healing, first aid, medicines, herbs, etc.

Provider – people who want to survive and take care of those they are with.  Most people fit here so I will not elaborate on this group in a separate blog post.

Seeker – the most rare.  The seeker is able to talk to the Universe better than most, and therefore has the ability to guide the pod.

A good pod must have minimum of 8-10 people and include at least 2 protectors, 1 hunter, 1 healer, and 1 seeker.  Providers can fill in the rest of the numbers.

Who is in your pod?


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