Phase 4


There will be 4 phases to the zombie apocalypse.

Phase 1: The initial onslaught. This is chaotic beginning weeks of the zombie infestation.

Phase 2: Consolidation. Safe areas will consolidate as the survivors gather for protection and aid.

Phase 3: Endure. The zombie infestation will last from 3-5 years. Eventually the zombies will die off and this phase will end.

Phase 4: Rebuild. The zombies are gone and it is time to rebuild society. This will be the fun part.

The main theme of phase 4 is cleaning up any residual zombie infestations and rebuilding society.  After 3-4 years of a zombie apocalypse there will be lots to rebuild: government, electrical systems, buildings, businesses, etc.  It will not be like one day there are no zombies and suddenly Burger King is back in business.  It will take time to rebuild the production and supply chain so that your fast food store of choice can come back online.  Still, this will be the fun part.  We will have the knowledge and tools to rebuild what once was and restore America to the greatness of its beginnings.  The economic and social boom that will take place in this phase will be phenomenal.  Enduring the previous three phases will be worth living through just to participate in the grand rebuilding of America.  Every society that has dominated the world has peaked, and then reset itself.  Some more violently then others.  This is what the zombie apocalypse will do to America, cause the fall, testing, strengthening, and purifying of the survivors so that we will become great again.


Learn about governments, freedom, the American Constitution.  Read and study these for yourselves so you understand the principles behind them.  Get an education and learn as much as you can: supply chain management, business management, construction, economics, teaching, these professions and more will be in high demand.  To rebuild you must know what to rebuild and how to rebuild it.  Now is the time to prepare to design where the shovel goes, or to do the shoveling.  I am not too big on shoveling myself – the pay sucks J