Phase 3


Phase 3:

There will be 4 phases to the zombie apocalypse.

Phase 1: The initial onslaught. This is chaotic beginning weeks of the zombie infestation.

Phase 2: Consolidation. Safe areas will consolidate as the survivors gather for protection and aid.

Phase 3: Endure. The zombie infestation will last from 3-5 years. Eventually the zombies will die off and this phase will end.

Phase 4: Rebuild. The zombies are gone and it is time to rebuild society. This will be the fun part.

This post will describe how phase 3 could unfold.

The main theme of phase 3 is staying alive and outlasting the zombies.

Safe areas are the locations where the zombies have been controlled and the survivors have established basic civilization.  There will be food production, water, and protection.  During this phase the safe areas will send out patrols in order to search for other survivors, and keep the zombies at a safe distance.  When fleeing part of your task (besides just running) is to stay alert.  Avoid the zombies, but help the rescue parties find you.  Once the rescue party finds you they will escort you to the safe area where you will be provided for and then put to work.

There will probably be 2 types of safe areas.  Type 1 is a location controlled by a strong leader with his henchmen, with everyone else being subservient to them. This is similar to the noble-serf relationship of medieval times.  Some examples of this are the city in the movie ‘Book of Eli’, and the Holnists from ‘The Postman’.  If you find such an area you will have to decide whether to stay there or move on and find a different group.  The longer you stay the harder it will be to leave – even if they decide to let you.

Type 2 is a location controlled by people who are a collection of individuals.  They will work together for the survival of the group.  The leaders will probably be elected and therefore be more responsive to the needs of the group.

Regardless of the safe are encountered this will be a time when everyone will be expected to work so the group can survive.  Some good examples of this are the safe area at the end of “I am Legend”, and at the end of “The Book of Eli”.