Phase 2


There will be 4 phases to the zombie apocalypse.

Phase 1: The initial onslaught. This is chaotic beginning weeks of the zombie infestation.

Phase 2: Consolidation. Safe areas will consolidate as the survivors gather for protection and aid.

Phase 3: Endure. The zombie infestation will last from 3-5 years. Eventually the zombies will die off and this phase will end.

Phase 4: Rebuild. The zombies are gone and it is time to rebuild society. This will be the fun part.

This post will describe how phase 2 could unfold.

The main theme of phase 2 is the movement of survivors from lost areas to safe areas.

Lost areas are those locations that are lost to the zombies.   Large cities are awesome places to live, except if there is a zombie apocalypse.  Many people in a confined space equals many zombies out looking for lunch.  It is because of this high population density that big cities have the highest potential of becoming lost to the zombies.  There will simply be too many of them for the survivors to deal with.  These locations will be evacuated as this reality dawns on the survivors.  These survivors will need to leave by any means they can.  An armored school bus would be preferable ;).   There should be access to limited transportation, tho gas may be a problem.  This describes the situation Will Smith found himself in “I am Legend”.

Safe areas are the locations where the zombies have been controlled and the survivors have established basic civilization.  There will be food production, water, and protection.  During this phase the safe areas will send out patrols in order to search for other survivors, and keep the zombies at a safe distance.  When fleeing part of your task (besides just running) is to stay alert.  Avoid the zombies, but help the rescue parties find you.  Once the rescue party finds you they will escort you to the safe area where you will be provided for and then put to work.  During this time everyone will be expected to work so that the group will survive.  Some good examples of this are the safe area at the end of “I am Legend”, and at the end of “The Book of Eli”.


Be in shape.  If your area becomes lost you will need to evacuate.  Even if you start which a vehicle it may break down or run out of gas before you get to your destination.

Prepare an extended zombie bag.  This will contain more survival type material than the basic bag.

Prepare your evacuationing.