Phase 1


There will be 4 phases to the zombie apocalypse.

Phase 1: The initial onslaught. This is chaotic beginning weeks of the zombie infestation.

Phase 2: Consolidation. Safe areas will consolidate as the survivors gather for protection and aid.

Phase 3: Endure. The zombie infestation will last from 3-5 years. Eventually the zombies will die off and this phase will end.

Phase 4: Rebuild. The zombies are gone and it is time to rebuild society. This will be the fun part.

This post will describe how phase 1 could start.

The zombie apocalypse will break out simultaneously in several major cities: Salt Lake City, Minneapola/St. Paul, Memphis, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York (the Delta Hub) or any other of the airline hub cities. 1 sick person on a plane equals 60+ sick people, who then board other planes and infect 60+ others, and so on and so on. You get the idea.

One day you hear on the news stories of infections in several cities. These reports will not be able to identify the virus and they will talk about it being bird or swine flu. These initial infections may only affect 30-80 people in each location, but will happen in several cities at once. Depending on the virus it may be hours or days to turn these people into zombies, so do not wait to see zombies on the news before acting. The initial reports of the outbreak will provide the aware with a critical head start.

The head start will enable you to run to the store and pick up a few last minute items, and if your Zombie Plan calls for hitting the road you had better be going that first day. This is how it could go down.

Day 1: The initial reports come in. People are scared, governments are worried, but no one really does anything yet. We have had flu activity in the past and they will tell people it is no big deal. It will take some time to connect the dots and determine what is really happening. Besides, no one will want to admit the truth. At this stage the roads are still drivable, stores are still in service, though both will be more crowded than usual.

Day 2-3: The news reports have connected the dots and are talking about some unexplained pandemic. This is where the unprepared panic and start to run, traffic is a nightmare and no one can drive anywhere. Grocery stores are a madhouse and are sold out within hours of opening. Governments step in (usually late) to enforce curfews.

Day 4-7: No one in the affected cities are going anywhere. These cities are locked down with martial law declared and quarantines in place. If you have never seen Resident Evil Apocalypse you probably should see at least the beginning, it is a good portrayal of this happening during a zombie outbreak. As the virus continues to spread out from the initial locations more and more cities will be affected.

Why think about this? Because now you can plan, prepare, and make sure that Day 1 sees you on the road towards your destination. There are some basic things you should do.

  1. Never let your gas tank go below half full. It is just as easy to use the top half as the bottom half. You will not want to waste time waiting in line for gas.
  2. Have your Zombie Plan written out and Zombie Bag packed and ready.
  3. During the escape avoid traveling through major cities if at all possible. You do NOT want to get stuck in an unknown quarantined city because of bad timing.
  4. At your retreat make sure you have at least 3 months of food for each person. I do this now for two reasons. First, I save money by buying in bulk when food I use goes on sale. I try never to pay full price for anything I use on a regular basis. Second, I have 3-6 months of can food on hand at any one time. If you are not doing this yet you need to start.

Aware = Prepare = Survive.

Ignorance = Unprepared = Zombie happy meal.






  1. John at Nov 16, 2011 04:05:51

    Love it! Keep going!

    – Sleep dry