Survival kits

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  • Zombie Health Kit

    You have heard the rumors: get bit by a zombie = become a zombie. But not if you own the Zombie Health Kit! This kit is guaranteed to heal zombie bites and prevent the spread of the zombie virus! NOTE ...


  • Zombie Survival Kit

    When the zombie apocalypse arrives will you be ready? Will you survive the onslaught? Prepare now by owning your very own Zombie Survival Kit! Small enough to keep in your pocket, yet vital enough to ...


  • ACU Backpack

    Features multiple zippered pockets including interior mesh pocket, padded, adjustable shoulder straps and heavy-duty buckles. Measures 12-1/2 inches x 19 inches x 6-1/2 inches.  Multiple Zippered Poc ...


  • Coffee Filter (for pre-filtering water)

    Extend the life of your expensive water filter system by using coffee filters to pre-filter your water.  Water filters can only filter a specific amount of gunk before they clog up, forcing you to re ...