Lindon Farms

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  • 150 Freeze dried fruits

    150 Total Servings in a 3lb 10oz resealable pail. Great for snacks and storage. Freeze Dried Fruits just got more practical… and more affordable! Shelf life up to 20 years sealed and stored in a ...


  • Ready Fuel 120 packages

    Details ReadyFuel is versatile and ready for any situation from camping to any survival need. ReadyFuel doesn’t freeze, evaporate or melt. it is clean, water soluble and oderless. Ready Fuel Cas ...


  • Lindon Farms Tropical Fruit 300

    Freeze dried tropical from from Lindon Farms: Whole Cherries– 48 servings Whole Red Seedless Grapes– 52 servings Whole Blackberries- 44 servings Diced Mangoes- 56 servings Diced Bananas – 48 ...