I like our logo. It is on every shirt we sell. If you have not bought a shirt yet you should :). The logo is a bio-hazard symbol with ‘prepare 4 zombies’ over the top and ‘adapt improvise overcome’ on the bottom. As far as the Zombie Apocalypse goes the logo should be obvious. The bio-hazard will create the Zombies. We had better prepare ahead of time for this. Part of the preparation is a plan, but plans always go bad once reality hits so we need to adapt the plan, improvise solutions to unexpected problems, and stay focused on overcoming. We are NOT going to be a Zombie happy meal!

On a deeper note the bio-hazard symbol signifies life. It is not good or bad, it just is. In life things happen to us, some are predictable: school, career, friends, bills, taxes, the Zombie Apocalypse – and some are not.

Zombies represent any trial or obstacle you need to deal with – in this case it just happens to represent Zombies (go figure).

What do you do about the Zombies in your life? You prepare for them, and for what life throws at you. This includes creating a plan, collecting the items your plan requires -(your zombie bag), and thinking through what you will do.

When something happens you implement your plan. You will find that in executing your plan invariably something unanticipated will happen. That is where you need to learn to adapt your plan to the realities of the situation. Don’t just give up because your plan was not perfect, adapt it, change it to fit what is going on around you.

You will also find that as big as your ‘bag’ is, and with as much as you put in it, you will not have everything you need. This is where you need to improvise. Change implementations, look for alternatives, you do whatever you need to do to overcome the problem and be successful.

Which leads to the last part: overcome. Stay focused on positive energy. You are not here to fail, you are here to be successful. The universe will not throw anything at you that is not survivable. Overcoming some things may take much work and effort tho. Work hard, stay focused, and overcome.


  1. John at Nov 16, 2011 03:57:46

    Love the t-shirt design! And, I was so glad to get some for me and my family!
    I believe you’ve got a great concept here that will help people be empowered to overcome challenges, not only with the coming zombie disaster, but with day-to-day challenges.

    Good quality gear, training, and forethought with the understanding that things will change on the fly are critical!

    Way to go! I love it!

    – Sleep dry