Listening to the Universe


I was out walking my dog the other day and met someone walking their dog too. I like to walk my dog up the canyon, there is a mile and a half road that is paved but blocked off in the winter. It is a fun walk and my dog can run free without fear of getting hit by a car (which has happened before). Anyway, I start talking to this guy and somehow we get onto the zombie apocalypse. I asked him what he thought and what was bugging him. That was the first discussion: is the universe talking to him, how do you recognize if it is happening, and what do you do about it? I already have a blog entry about recognizing the universe talking to you so I won’t rehash that here, except to emphasize: if something is really bugging you and is on your mind a lot, and you act on it and get a feeling of peace and/or rightness, that is the universe warning and guiding you to get ready! Act on those!

Anyway, after we spoke about the universe I asked what was on his mind. I was very surprised by his responses. He first said that yes he felt a zombie apocalypse or some similar type of major catastrophe was coming soon. He then said that he did not feel it important to get tons of food or other bulky preparedness items because he felt he would be in a dangerous area and would need to evacuate by foot. Very interesting. Instead he felt it important to get good light weight back packing gear and food he could carry. This included a specific light weight pistol for self protection. I found this interesting because I feel I will be in a safe area and will be sent out to find and guide those fleeing for their lives. Here we are hiking together, and there is the possibility of hiking together in the future, him fleeing to safety, me finding him and guiding him to where safety exists.

Listen to the universe. Quiet your mind, listen, and then act before it is too late. Many people will not survive what is coming. Will you be one of the survivors? Not if you don’t listen and act.

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