Is the Zombie Apocalypse Real?


Zombie movies generally start the same, you have some innocent people going about their lives when all of a sudden zombies attack – and everyone denies the attack is happening. As these people get fewer and fewer in number you feel like screaming “You are in a zombie movie you idiot, of course there are zombies!!”. Once the characters in the movie accept that the zombies are real they tend to live longer. Depending on the movie of course :). How do you defend yourself from zombies? Everyone knows that, you arm yourself and shoot them in the head. Another important point brought to us by “Shawn of the Dead” – learn how to shoot. A head is a small target and if you have never shot a gun before you will miss it. Just like they did.

What can we learn from this? First, when you are in a zombie movie accept that zombies are real. Second, arm yourself appropriately and shoot them in the head. Third, whatever you arm yourself with you need to be proficient at using, otherwise you will be more of a danger to yourself and those around you.

How does this apply to us today? Easy, we are in a zombie movie. There, done, the rest is up to you. Will you admit it and take appropriate steps, or be like the extras in the zombie movies and be killed. Too quick for you? Let me back up one step :).

Two questions that people often ask me about my site are:
1) Are zombies real?
2) Do you really think a zombie apocalypse is coming?

Let me answer these.
1) Are zombies real?
Yes, in the context of a zombie losing their humanity and trying to kill you, yes they are very real. They are not the walking undead trying to eat you. It is worse, they appear to be human until they grab gun and go on a shooting spree. This is not something a normal person does. This is an example of a normal human going Zombie on us and is happening all the time. Listen to the news. The latest example happened in Connecticut this morning. Some dude goes Zombie and kills over 20 people. Before that there was the theater in Colorado, and almost numberless other examples. People all over are going Zombie and killing those around them. With this definition zombies are very real and very dangerous.

2) Do you really think a zombie apocalypse is coming?
Yes, we are in one now and it will only get worse. Oh the government will deny it and try to control it the same way all powers do: deny, deny, deny, and ban the very thing you should be acquiring: guns.

This is background when I say that we are in a zombie movie. The zombie apocalypse is here now, and getting worse and worse slowly over time. One day it will reach critical mass and the whole system will fail. Those living at that time will finally admit to themselves the truth, but it will be too late for most people. At what point will you wake up and take the appropriate steps? When someone you know is killed, when someone you love is killed, when you are killed? Have you asked yourself why the people in the zombie movies always deny what is going on? It is so obvious to the viewers. They deny for the same reason those around you deny what is happening. Most people live in their protected world and do not want to face the dreadful reality that is approaching. It is frightening to face the truth. You may have to do things you would rather not do. You may have to not buy things you want in order to buy things you need. Yes, admitting the truth is always hard. It has always been this way, and always will be. It is sad to think how many of these zombie outbreaks could have been shortened by the people involved recognizing reality and being prepared? There was a mall shooting in Salt Lake City a few years back where the Zombie could have done much more damage, but there was an armed off duty cop present. Having others armed and prepared is useful, but do you want to delegate that level of preparedness to others? What if there is no one prepared, what happens then? Read the news and see for yourself.

We are left with a choice: accept and prepare for the zombie apocalypse or deny and face the consequences. I choose preparedness, what about you?