Ghillie Suit


People think that just because zombies are slow they are dumb, and can’t see. Well, the zombies that worry me can see just fine, and while maybe not rocket scientists are not stupid. Therefore it seems wise to devise a method of concealment. Hence the ghillie suit 🙂 I will outline how I created my ghillie suit here and show pictures of its progress.

First the shirt. I decided to design my own shirt. Normal people use an old BDU shirt and turn it inside out to hide the pockets. Boring, so I designed my own, besides I wanted pockets on the upper arms and none on the front. You generally do NOT want pockets on the front because you will be crawling and pockets catch on things. I bought a canvas type material for the front. And a camo pattern I liked for the arms. The arms are not all covered so the material color is important. Originally I had a quarter zipper (installed) but the shirt was too hard to pull over. While it was designed to fit over a hydration pack there was no way I could without a full zipper. I ripped out the quarter zipper and replaced it will the full one. Much better.

I designed the back and armpits to be mesh to breath easier. I have a friend who was a marine sniper in Afghanistan and he gave me some good advice I will relay throughout this blog. This was the first. A ghillie suit is worn over your normal clothing so you want it to breath well to minimize sweating. Fishing net is tied to the shirt to provide a base to tie the burlap to. I bought some fishing net from Hobby Lobby that I tied to the shirt with fishing line. I then used shoe goo to glue the knots so they would not come undone. I put a knot about every 3-4 inches so it took a while. You want to cover the back of the body and half the arms.

I bought burlap in different colors. I ended up going to several different places to find the colors I want: Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and a fabric store. Each color was cut into 18-20 inch squares and then I pulled the threads out. This took a little while 🙂 I found I liked the look of having 6-10 threads in a group which I tied in half onto the fishing net. I decided to do one color at a time to show the progress. I had two similar colors of brown which are shown in the first picture.

Then I added a darker brown for the brown highlights.

I found a sage looking green that I really liked and added it next.

I had originally bought a whole bunch of dark green because it matched the pine trees. Then decided I would not be wearing this in the forest, but more in the sage brush. So I ended up with just a few dark green highlights.

More advice my sniper friend gave me was to tie paracord onto the shirt so you can tie foliage from where ever you are. Seemed smart. I cut the paracord into 80 inch lengths and pulled the white strings out of the middle. I used these white strings in my survival kit :). I cut the shell into 20 inch lengths and burned the ends. Then tied them onto the shirt and hat. I did about 24 of them total.

For the hat I started with a boonie hat and tied a piece of mesh to it. I then tied the fishnet to the mesh. Make sure the sides and back are long enough so the hat blends into the shirt. You do not want a ‘head’ profile. See the end picture to see what I mean.

Then I tied the burlap on in the same way until it looked the way I wanted.

I only wanted a shirt and hat so I did not do pants. Here is the finished product. I was pleased with my first attempt.