Economic Chaos on the horizon?


There are weird things going on in the economic world. What is going on? What do these people know that we don’t?

JP Morgan holds more physical silver right now then anyone in world history. Why? Silver holdings

Keep in mind that JP Morgan manipulates the price of gold and silver. Manipulating prices

Add to this the latest string of banker “suicides”. How does someone commit suicide with a nail gun? Really?



former fed member

American title CEO

Program trader

And finally you have billionaire Soros betting on a stock market crash: Soros bet

Why do we care? What does this have to do with the zombie apocalypse? Easy, it takes money to get prepared, no more money, no more getting prepared. I hope you are actively preparing for what we know is coming. If you wait too long it is looking like the money will not be there. ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ certainly applies today.

Prepare now or rue the day later.

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