When any disaster hits the first people that you can help, or that will be able to help you, are your neighbors. It therefore makes sense to talk to your neighbors, get to know them. Have neighborhood pot luck dinners or BBQs. As you get to know them help them to prepare. What good does it do you to prepare food and water for your family if most of your neighbors do nothing? Conversely, how much better can you deal with things if your neighbors are equally prepared? Prepared people form a much better support group and allow you to draw on the specialties of the different individuals to assist the entire group. This is why we form communities to begin with. Neighborhoods and communities that prepare and work together through any disaster will be much better off than those that do not. This web site describes many different disasters and how to prepare for them. Work with your neighbors and family and help them to prepare for what they are willing to accept. The act of preparing for something small gets them in the mindset of being self reliant. This is a big step. We live in a world where large numbers of people do not take their responsibilities to provide and protect themselves seriously. As you prepare for events work with those around you to also prepare. You will all be grateful.